Making a mockery

THE EDITOR: David Lee, Opposition Chief Whip, hopes that the correspondence from AG Faris Al-Rawi concerning the Anti-Gang Bill is healthy.

Do our politicians really care about the people who elected them to office? In an effort to deal with the unhealthy criminal activities and tensions that have engulfed the country, Lee’s partisan political and anticipatory diagnosis of an unread letter is disheartening.

Do our elected — and selected — politicians realise that they are making a mockery of our system of governance by behaving as though the country is permanently in a state of shutdown?

Had Lee indicated that he is looking forward to being in receipt of the AG’s correspondence re the bill in question, the public may have felt somewhat reassured as to the Opposition’s intent. As it stands now, the prognosis is unhealthy. John Public knows though that if the true intent is to fight crime, the battle can be won.

JOHN HENRY, Petit Valley


"Making a mockery"

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