Questions on football

THE EDITOR: As a diehard supporter of TT football, I need to ask a few questions:

1. When we are hosting regional and international tournaments, can we fill the stadiums by giving free or sponsored tickets to schools so that the stadiums will be filled? (The Pro League can consider this also.)

2. Can we know in advance what colour the team will be playing in? (When TT played Haiti in the Concacaf Women’s U-20 Championships I thought we were supporting Haiti, because we were all dressed in red and TT played in white.)

3. In the games against Haiti and Canada TT was leading. If we know we had a fitness problem couldn’t we have tried to defend our lead? I’m only asking.

I must salute coach Jamaal Shabazz for the great work he has done in such a short time and with limited resources. Don’t give up on this team.

GEORGE JORDAN via e-mail


"Questions on football"

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