Garcia cutting costs at ministry

THE EDITOR: The Ministry of Education under the leadership of Anthony Garcia and his team must be commended for implementing several measures to save money and also to cut out wastage in its daily operations.

Recently, the ministry issued a memo advising staff of a decision to temporarily suspend tea services at meetings. This move has resulted in criticism of the minister and the ministry’s leadership, but this is only a temporary measure and will not last forever.

Garcia has shown that he is serious about getting his ministry into a solid financial situation by reducing costs. These measures are not limited to his ministry, but is in keeping with the Government’s drive to save. All ministries are implementing similar cost-cutting measures.

Recently, it was reported that even jurors are now being asked to walk with their meals for duty. Even private sector agencies have also recognised the need to review their spending patterns considering the economic situation of the country.

Citizens must understand and appreciate that the financial resources once available are no longer there, thus the need to cut back and spend wiser. The time has come for every citizen to make the necessary sacrifices, large and small, that are needed to get our nation out of its weak financial state and into a stronger position.

SANDRA GRAY, San Fernando


"Garcia cutting costs at ministry"

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