Suspect in $46,000 robbery fails to turn self in

A man who robbed a gas station employee of $46,000 last week in an armed robbery, and who was then contacted by police and asked to surrender, did not keep his promise to turn himself in last Saturday.

During the robbery, the man dropped his cell phone which his victim handed in to the San Raphael Police Station.

The thief was traced through telephone records hours afterwards and his photo circulated on an unofficial police website.

Police called in the Cyber Crime Unit, who obtained the phone number of the robber’s mother.

She told police she was unaware her son had been involved in any robbery but said he would call them.

The man, who has two addresses, in Diego Martin and San Juan, contacted ASP Mervyn Edwards last Wednesday and said he would surrender with his lawyer last Saturday.

Yesterday investigators said they had since gotten a warrant for his arrest and expect him to be in custody before the end of the week.

Last Tuesday around 11.45 am, a worker of San Raphael gas station was leaving the gas station with a bag containing $46,000 to deposit at an Arima bank when the man held him up with a gun and dropped his phone in a struggle.


"Suspect in $46,000 robbery fails to turn self in"

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