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Friday 17 August 2018
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Police find 1.3 kg in weed on Lambeau Road

A 30-year-old self-employed man of Piccadilly Street, Signal Hill, was arrested after he was held with 1.5 grammes of marijuana on Thursday morning. According to reports, police held exercises between 4am and 7am in the Scarborough and Old Grange districts.

The exercise was led by Snr Supt Joanne Archie and includedpolice attached to the Tobago Divisional Task Force. During this exercise, three stop and search forms were completed and one person was arrested for the possession of marijuana.

In another incident, 1.3 kilogrammes were seized during an exercise in Scarborough. Police found three black plastic bags containing marijuana at a block on Lambeau Road, Signal Hill.

This exercise was co-ordinated by Archie and led by Sgt Stewart along with members of the Tobago Divisional Task Force. No one was apprehended.


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