Rebrand Carnival, have it every 2 yrs

THE EDITOR: I want to highlight four areas which I unequivocally believe could propel the TT Carnival into one of the most magnificent, glorious spectacles of unsurpassed quality, ingenuity and brilliance.

1) Change Carnival’s name

In order to cater for the bigger, wider international audience and to facilitate a shift in the time of year Carnival is held, I am proposing rebranding Carnival. Let us call our show Caribbean Music and Dance Festival or, alternatively, Caribbean Music, Fun and Dance Festival.

2) Biennial show

The festival should be held once every two years.

Principally, this would be to allow the artistes and all the players intrinsically involved in the industry enough time to come up with productions that are of the finest standards and quality.

3) Carnival dates

While we are at it we should contemplate the benefits of instituting a specific, unchanging period of time for this festival.

Off the top of my head I am suggesting the first Monday and Tuesday in May.

4) Television rights/media coverage

Our festival should be fundamentally based on revenue-generating productions of such supreme standards that worldwide television networks and all significant broadcasting agencies would be lining up at our borders begging to purchase our product.

I am optimistically forecasting billions of dollars in foreign exchange flowing into our economy.

Change is inevitable, change is compulsory and positive change always engenders growth and progress.

Those who resist change are left back as part of history, stuck in the past. Let’s start up the festival and let the music play on ... and on ... and on.



"Rebrand Carnival, have it every 2 yrs"

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