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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Outfoxed by Digicel

THE EDITOR: Totally disrespectful and misleading. That is the only way I can describe the removal of Fox News from Digicel’s channels line-up.

When I signed up for a Digicel bundle, not only was I willing to try a new provider but a main reason for doing so was that Fox News was on the list. Fox News is different and rated higher that any other news network in the US. So you can imagine my shock when I came home from a hard day’s work and horrific traffic and I put on my TV to find that where Fox News was there is now CNN. And Digicel didn’t even have the courtesy to inform its customers that it was making changes. I guess this is what happens when businesses feel they have the market covered.

Let me remind Digicel that bmobile, which was large and in charge a few years ago, is now bstagnant.

And Flow, which boasted of being on the go, is basically gone. All because they did not listen to their customers.

With the removal of Fox News from the Digicel line-up there is no way I am going to be paying money for something I do not want.

RANDY BASSANT via e-mail


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