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Monday 20 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Karma has country in depraved state

THE EDITOR: This once lovely twin-island nation called TT is today in a depraved state, and all its citizens, within and without, are asking themselves the same question and coming to the wrong conclusion.

The question is: what is wrong with the youths today? I can tell you that not one thing is wrong with the youths today. They are the mirror of the wider society and living in denial is not going to alter the fact that karma is a bitch, and none will escape. You sow the wind and you reap the whirlwind.

All the crimes that are looking this society in its face today are the same crimes this society committed in secret.

We pretend to not know that these evil deeds make full circle and are for some time standing before our faces, while we choose to create distractions to justify and try to ease our disturbed, tormented and guilty consciences.

The youths today are motivated by the karmatic effects of misdeeds created by governance past and present.

When people who are placed in public trust turn around and take advantage of their position, when politicians over the years are allowed to rob the Treasury with impunity, failing to realise that they are depriving the children of proper healthcare, nourishing food, housing with all the necessary amenities, a good education, and job opportunities, this is the result. It is called karma.

The youths today did not create the monsters that are haunting our once beautiful nation. The politicians that we have employed to manage our affairs, and whom we fail to hold up to public scrutiny, blinded by party loyalty, are the ones to be held responsible for the state of our nation — they who continue to fail the people by not doing the job they were sworn into office to do. Wheeling and dealing for personal benefits seems to be their main expertise.

We place people in office because they say they can do the job required.

And the job is to manage the economy and create a better life for the people. But after enjoying all the facilities we put in place for their ease of comfort and efficiency, they go on to abuse their privileges by fixing themselves, their family and friends, then they turn around to tell us we are depending too much on the government for our sustenance. Who should we the people depend on, ghost busters?

Governments are put in office by the people to improve their lifestyle and create betterment for all. Instead, politicians choose to become oppressive, taxing the poor out of existence.

When they take office, their family, friends and big business financiers can depend on them, but the people who put them in office cannot?

The youths are not stupid; they are growing up and seeing everything that is taking place right before their eyes. So, society is facing the demons it continues to create. And the security forces that we are depending on for the solution are all creatures of the same vicious circle. That is why they become a part of the problem.

There is no one that people could trust in this society today. And mark my word, none will escape from the small to the high and mighty. What goes around comes around.

Never forget that what we are facing is not a youth problem. It is called karma.



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