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Saturday 20 July 2019
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Daughter of missing mom: Police failed my family

Anita Mohammed
Anita Mohammed

It has been almost one month since Chelsea Mohammed last saw or heard from her mother, Anita.

Chelsea, 20, said police have failed her family as since the decomposing body of a woman was found in Santa Flora on December 28, the search for her mother has ground to a halt.

The body is yet to be identified, although Chelsea said her family has submitted DNA samples and dental records to the Forensic Sciences Centre. Mohammed, 45, went missing on December 19 after leaving her home to lime with a friend in Chaguaramas. She was driving her black Toyota Hilux, registration TCU 2658, at the time. The vehicle has not been found either.

“The last I heard from Homicide (division) was a phone call on January 4, stating that they spoke to my dentist and that I should hear something later that day,” she said.

“They failed us like they failed so many other families before and after mine.”

Chelsea and her brother Tristan, 19, may never know what happened to their mother but the young woman said hope that she is alive is fading.

“At this rate, it doesn’t seem likely that she is alive.” She said although police told her they are continuing investigations into her mother’s disappearance, she feels like they have stopped looking since the body was found.

“I don’t know why they stopped looking because they found a body, when they don’t even know if it’s her body.”

She has tried contacting the Forensic Sciences Centre for information but said a woman who took her call was rude and hung up on her. “My family is still doing what they can but my blood pressure is through the roof and I suspect so is my brother’s. We haven’t been sleeping or eating properly.” Newsday contacted the Anti Kidnapping Unit, Couva but officers said they have no comments on Chelsea’s complaints.

However, Newsday was told that an active search is still on for Mohammed and the homicide bureau is continuing investigations into the identification of the body that was found.

Anyone with information regarding Mohammed’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Anti Kidnapping Unit at 679-3165, Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS or any police station.

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