NIDCO: We’re complying with all regulations

The National Infrastructure Development Company is confident it has complied with all statutory regulations on the construction of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway extension to Manzanilla project.

In a release, NIDCO said it will be guided by the temporary restrictions issued by the court beginning on Tuesday and extending for the next three days.

The court, on Tuesday, granted the environmental group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea a temporary injunction blocking Government from constructing the highway extension.

All matters in relation to the construction will be ventilated at a hearing scheduled for Monday, NIDCO said.

The company also says the Aripo Savannas “are and will remain an environmental sensitive area notwithstanding the construction,” and the highway extension “does not in any way encroach upon the savannas as is being asserted in some quarters.”

It has acted and continues to act as a responsible state agency, NIDCO said, and will abide by the terms of the certificate of environmental clearance granted by the Environmental Management Agency as it seeks to improve the lives of citizens.


"NIDCO: We’re complying with all regulations"

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