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Friday 17 August 2018
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Hike to Sombosson Waterfall

Sombosson Waterfall is a spectacular 50-foot single-drop fall located 8km northeast of the Guanapo Quarry in the dense forest of the Heights of Guanapo Region.

On Saturday 2, Fitness Walkers will explore the Sombosson Waterfall.

The agricultural community is located to the west of Lalaja and further north is the Brasso Seco village. Its river source is from the northern foothills of El Cerro Del Aripo (940 metres). Situated above the falls are a series of magnificent cascades. Deep down in the valley, there is the Guanapo River and Gorge, which flows from another river source coming from Lalaja. The Sombosson River eventually surges as a tributary at the mouth of the Guanapo Gorge, and along its path, there is the Tombasson or Guanapo Falls.

The expedition starts from the Quarry, and the uphill trek will take two to two-and-a-half hours to reach the falls. The first part of the walk is north alongside the Guanapo River to a junction where there is a forest sign with the words Sombosson Trace.

Cacao was once widely cultivated in the area and the bench road continues to the top of the mountain in Lalaja. At this point, the trail ascends northeast and then descends to the river to the starting point of the gorge. The trail continues across the river on the other side of the bank where the journey to the falls is a 4 km uphill climb. Further along, the trail eventually comes to an intersection where the path on the right advances to the falls.

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