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Saturday 20 July 2019
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Woodbrook residents: Lower music for Carnival

Residents of Woodbrook and environs are calling on bandleaders, fete promoters and music truck marshals to lower the volume levels when they are at a standstill en route to their destinations.

Speaking with Newsday, several residents said they have been asking stakeholders from the Carnival committee to deal with the issue.

One resident, Gregory Lindsay, said there are mostly elderly people living on Taylor Street, and fete promoters have no remorse. “I am in full agreement with EMA’s enforcement of the decibel levels in Woodbrook and environs,“ he said.

“Those fete promoters are totally not in compliance with the guidelines. If they cannot follow the guidelines, they can have their parties down Chaguaramas. The NCC chairman and the mayor don’t live in Woodbrook, so they have no idea what Woodbrook residents go through year after year.”

Another resident, who did not want her name used, said the music volume from the bands was extremely loud last year, so much so, that her doorknob was bouncing in and out from a locked to an open position because of the vibrations. “Everyone speaks about the elderly, but it should not matter what age you are, because I am in my 30s and the noise affects me and my family as well. I play mas and enjoy the festivity, but I think that something should be done to control the noise levels. Petal-Dawn Hinkson, also of Woodbrook, said it is very important for the EMA to monitor parties, not only during the Carnival season but, at all times to ensure promoters obey the law. “Members of the community have previously been invited to NCC meetings when they are finalising the band routes, but this year we were not invited. I think by inviting us it (just) makes them look good, because they don’t take on any of our complaints or requests. We don’t just complain, we make suggestions, we say what the problems are and give solutions to the problem,” she said.

EMA corporate communications officer Mario Singh said although there are penalties for breaking the law, “It is not one fine that fits all.”

Singh said while the EMA is monitoring events there have been no instances where it has had to severely restrict a promoter.

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