Is TT a s---hole country also?

THE EDITOR: The Washington Post reported that “prospects for a bipartisan agreement to protect young immigrants from deportation” were probably dead.

There were heated negotiations which involved US President Donald Trump and lawmakers on both sides of the US Congress over Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Trump reportedly asked why the US “should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” such as Haiti, El Salvador and African nations over those from European countries such as Norway.

To answer Trump’s question: perhaps people from Europe and Norway aren’t interested in going to the US. Who knows? Maybe they think of the US in the same way that Trump thinks of “Haiti and some African nations.”

The issue of Trump’s bigotry is not my concern.

It is people’s idiotic reaction to his derogatory comment that concerns me. And in spite of the outrage felt by most in the countries to which he referred, the poor and disadvantaged from these countries will still do whatever they can to be able to migrate to the US.

Why should they want to do that? Often because the country from which they are running is indeed a “s---hole.” There is no denying that some countries have gone from “poor and backward” to “developed;” while others have had incompetent leaders who cared more about political power and while they have gone from poor to very wealthy themselves, the countries they have led have joined other s---holes.

Should we not instead be asking ourselves whether TT is already a s---hole country? At the very least, should we not be assessing our risk of becoming one? We should be asking ourselves these questions and put away our stupid concerns about Trump and his filthy mouth.

Is our country not becoming a s---hole if citizens begin to seek political asylum in other countries because they cannot trust a corrupt police force to protect them and their families?

Is our country not becoming ready to join the ranks of other s---holes when we continue to make excuses for an inept government because we happen to think we belong to the same “race” as those in power even if they repeatedly abuse us to get there and then promptly forget us? We must be already living in a s---hole if we think politics is in our genes and we can be “born” into a party and not change until we die? Even married people do not behave like that.

Are we not becoming a s---hole country when we allow people to “hide” what they are doing with our money and repeatedly lie to us or “mamaguy” us and we quietly accept their dishonesty? We are fast becoming a s---hole when we allow people to say they are “in charge” and they proceed to govern as though they are controlling a personal fiefdom and habitually do things outside the rule of law.

So no one should be offended by Trump’s nasty and discriminatory aspersions.

We have leaders right here who are happy to talk to the people who elected him like that.

Trump has merely articulated what the US thinks about “other” countries. Our leader has already said what he thinks about all of us right here. He said the people of TT are stupid.

This fiction called “race” is fast turning us into a s---hole nation because that is what has turned us into the fools our present leader says we are. Only we can change that and prove him wrong. To do that we have to change our s---hole way of thinking.

STEVE SMITH via e-mail


"Is TT a s—hole country also?"

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