$12,000 for sexual touch


A man from Penal has agreed to pay a young woman $12,000 as compensation for touching her private part.

Govind Seepersad, 26, of Penal Rock Road, pleaded guilty to the offence of indecent assault on the woman on Carnival Tuesday – February 24, 2009. He had pleaded guilty to the offence in December last year before Justice Hayden St Clair Douglas in the San Fernando High Court. In 2016, Justice Althea Alexis-Windsor conducted a maximum sentence indication hearing in closed-door proceedings in which a three-year bond and compensation of $12,000 were agreed to be the sentence the court was likely to impose. State Attorney Sabrina Dougdeen-Jaglal had presented the facts of the case in which she stated that it was at about 8.20 pm when the woman was walking along the road in Penal with her boyfriend at her side. She was dressed in a long jeans and black halter top. They stopped in the vicinity of Food Basket Supermarket and, while standing there, Seepersad walked by and grabbed the woman’s vagina.

Dougdeen-Jaglal said the woman did not know Seepersad before that day. She added the place was well lit and people were liming about. She said the woman then pointed out Seepersad to her boyfriend who then held on to the accused. He took him to PC Vinton Dinoo who was on duty nearby.

When confronted about the allegation, Seepersad replied, “I never do that.” Seepersad was taken to the Penal Police Station where the woman, accompanied by her boyfriend, gave a statement. Because Seepersad was 17 years old at the time, Dinno went to Rampersad Trace, Clarke Road, and brought Seepersad’s father to the station. Seepersad was then charged with indecent assault. Yesterday, attorney Cedric Neptune told Justice St Clair Douglas that Seepersad had not yet acquired the full sum to be paid to the woman. The case was adjourned to February 28.


Penal resident Govind Seepersad has been ordered to pay $12,000 for the sexual touching of a woman.

Seepersad was ordered to pay the sum when he appeared in the San Fernando High Court today.

The incident happened on Carnival Tuesday in 2009, when the woman, who was accompanied by her boyfriend, was standing in front of Food Basket Supermarket on the SS Erin Road.

Seepersad is alleged to have passed her on her right side, pushed his hands between her legs and grabbed her genitals.

The woman told the court she did not know Seepersad. The place was well lit and there were several people around her when the incident happened.

The woman's boyfriend confronted Seepersad about his action, held him, then handed him over to a police officer who was nearby.


"$12,000 for sexual touch"

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