EMA, stick to your guns

THE EDITOR: I commend the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) on the position it has taken with respect to the noise level at fetes and other cultural events. I have no problem with people enjoying themselves at these parties, but like anything else it cannot be at the expense of law-abiding citizens going about their normal business or simply wanting to enjoy the peace and quiet of their homes.

I am heartened that finally a law enforcement authority in this country is prepared to enforce the law.

Maybe if other such authorities follow suit there would be a significant reduction in the level of lawlessness in this land.

It is my fervent hope that the EMA does not bow to any outside pressure and disregard the rights of ordinary citizens for the enjoyment of their property.

Finally, I would like people to take note of the suggestion of the managing director of the EMA that maybe it is time the promoters of these big fetes consider holding these events at venues where there would be minimal, if any, inconvenience to the general public.



"EMA, stick to your guns"

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