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Friday 17 August 2018
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St Anthony’s mas registration closes Saturday

The junior Carnival parade begins at the St Anthony's College grounds at Morne Coco Road, Westmoorings, on January 28.


St Anthony’s College will once again be the promoters of the first junior Carnival parade at the college’s spacious grounds, Morne Coco Road, Westmoorings, on January 28.

The parade ground is an environmentally-friendly setting for masqueraders who are able to assemble in cool surroundings either in large tents, or in a green space with the river gently flowing nearby. Both gathering points provide easy access to the parade ring.

The venue also provides ample seating for spectators on both bleachers and comfortable chairs as well as a play space for youngsters. The event which begins at noon and ends at 6 pm will offer a variety of food and drinks. Another welcome plus is the presentation of beautiful trophy prizes to the masqueraders who delightfully show off their trophies for the entire afternoon.

A young masquerader shows off her costume at last year's junior parade.

Masqueraders and their supporters are usually treated to good DJ music and very clear announcements of parade’s proceedings by usually skilled presenters. Registration for the parade continues until January 21 and is free for bands, individuals and couples. Bands can download forms from the school’s website, www.stanthonys.edu.tt, and completed forms can be dropped off at the college.

Entrance fee is $20 for adults, children between five and 12 years pay $10 and under five years are free. Entrance for all masqueraders is free and secure parking is available.

For more info: 637-6744 and tigersjcp@stanthonys.edu.tt.



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