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Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Beloved to the Max

THE EDITOR: Absolutely no disrespect could possibly be intended by announcing the sudden demise of a true TT icon. Yes, Max is Dead. Our most noted citizens are generally referred to (dead or alive/Innocent or guilty/rich or poor) by their first names: Max is the name of this particular and very special president.

Something is wrong if you claim to be Trini to de bone if you do not recognise the following people: De Doctor,’ Bas, Sat, Kamla, Keithos, Patos, Jack, Burroughs, Noor, ANR, Karl, Selwyn, LloydB, Bhadase, Johnny O, John D, and Dole.

These are just a few names of people who are part of conscious TT and are constantly referred to or mark important milestones/news items in the recording of local history. President George Maxwell Richards lived his life to the maximum. He served TT and all Caribbean people with distinction. His daughter, Maxine, said she did not realise how beloved he was. Well Maxine, he was our ‘Best Beloved.’ It is to be specifically noted that if you said, ‘Even Max was there,’ told you, for certain, that you had missed a really good Carnival fete.

At his State funeral, everybody will be celebrating the life of a president who loved all the people and was considered a man for all seasons. Sincere condolences to his wife and family. May he rest in peace. Power to de Max!

Lynette Joseph, Diego Martin


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