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Monday 23 July 2018
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Woman to report policeman

ANGER IN MORUGA: Residents look at a major landslip at 6th Company yesterday.

An incident in Moruga in which a senior police officer sprayed water with a fire services hose at protesting Sixth Company, Moruga residents on Thursday, will be reported to the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) on Monday.

Political leader of the Movement for Social Justice, David Abdulah, visited the sixth company community yesterday along with Oilfield Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) leader Ancil Roget, where they vowed to have the PCA investigate the act.

On Friday, Roget announced his intention to join forces with vulnerable communities as he seeks support for Petrotrin workers ahead of government’s planned restructuring of the state-owned oil company. On Thursday, residents burned tyres and other debris along the road and called on parliamentary representative for the area Dr Lovell Francis, to repair a landslide.

Two houses have been destroyed by the landslide. The residents have been protesting since October last year in which they expressed concerns that very soon the entire roadway will collapse. During Thursday’s protest action, the residents complained that when police officers intervened, a senior police officer removed a hose from a fire tender and sprayed water at them.

One resident, Jocelyn Neptune, said yesterday that she was knocked down by the blast of water and her right eye was injured. Neptune, 60, said that she was not involved in the protest but had stepped from her home onto the road to see what was happening.

“I have been living in sixth company for the past 30 years and I want to tell you this is a peaceful community. In 30 years I never saw anything like this. I was in my garden and I saw all these police and all these activities going on so I came up the road and I stood on the side of the wall. The police was peaceful until an officer came and sprayed me in my eye.”

Neptune described the feeling of being struck with a blast of water in the face. She said, “I saw a cloud without the sky.” She said that up to yesterday she was still experiencing double vision and pain in the eye. Neptune said, “I wearing this cap because the doctor say I have to. I cannot roll my eyeball. I am not leaving it just so; I am hurt, I am in pain, my head swell right now.” The woman said that she has reported the matter to the Princes Town Police Station.

Addressing residents yesterday, Abdulah vowed to set up a meeting between the residents and PCA head, David West. He said, “We are going to immediately contact on Monday morning the director of the PCA David West with this incident. We will arrange for her and other residents to meet with the PCA. While we respect those in authority, we ain’t fraid nobody in this country. People cannot hide behind a police number or badge to do wrong against peaceful law- abiding citizens. We are to defend everyone in terms of who is fighting for justice.”


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