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Friday 21 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Together on anti-gang bill

I am glad to hear that the Anti-Gang Bill 2017 is once more going to the Parliament according to reports. In my opinion, if we are going to get through the challenges that we are facing as a nation, our leaders must realise there are occasions when they would have to unite on certain important issues. The anti-gang bill is one such case.

I do hope that this meeting will take place very soon for I am of the firm belief that it will assist our law enforcement officers in the war against crime. What is important is that the TTPS take full advantage of this bill if passed and make it work in their favour. If they do not do their part then the bill will be useless.

What I am suggesting is that all attending this meeting come with an open mind and be willing to make any necessary adjustments providing that the true substance and reason for the bill is not tampered with. As a committed citizen to this country who will like to see our crime situation be brought under control I patiently await this meeting of both the Government and Opposition. Also, I would like to see a favourable outcome for the benefit for all living in TT let us do it together.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan

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