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Friday 21 September 2018
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Mrs Raj vs Raj

A screenshot from the video The Raj Story with Kenneth Supersad as the embittered wife.

The now infamous “Raj” who took legal action to stop soca chutney artiste Kenneth Supersad from using the contents of a social media post, in which he (Raj) was allegedly caught in a love triangle, is now being threatened with legal action by his estranged wife.

In a pre action protocol letter issued to Raj’s attorney, “Mrs Raj” claims she was defamed by him. In the letter which was issued by attorney Saira Lakhan, Mrs Raj is denying claims by Raj that she filmed and posted a video of him on social media. The video has gone viral and its contents has been used by Supersad in his 2018 soca chutney offering, De Raj Story. Through the court, Raj is attempting to stop Supersad from performing the song at the Chutney Soca Monarch semis tonight at the Liv Nightclub in San Fernando.

Mrs Raj is contending that certain defamatory references were made about her in Raj’s legal challenge against Supersad. While the Raj vs Supersad matter is yet to be resolved, Mrs Raj is now demanding that the allegations made by her husband against her be withdrawn.

She is also demanding a public apology from Raj and has given him until Monday to do so or face legal action. She is also seeking to have him cease and desist from making further defamatory statements, comments and remarks about her. Mrs Raj, who has been served divorce papers, has also put Raj on notice of her intention to file and cross-petition and to seek leave of the court in these proceedings. She has admitted in a statement, which forms part of the pre action protocol letter, that she was severely traumatised and extremely angry by the public airing of her personal life, despite her best efforts to salvage the marriage.

The letter contends that Raj, to date, has never apologised to her. “Please be advised that should your client fail to adhere to my client’s request and I fail to hear from your client within 14 days hereof, my client will commence legal proceedings in the High Court of Justice against your client for defamation without further notice which will inevitably result in the disclosure of all of my client’s evidence to substantiate her claims,” the letter stated. Lakhan said if legal proceedings are filed, her client intends to seek damages for slander and legal costs.

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