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Monday 24 September 2018
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(Don’t) dial 112 in case of emergency



Did you know that you could dial 112 in an emergency? Well, don’t. The police on Thursday disconnected that emergency line. Police public information officer Michael Jackman confirmed that the line was temporarily in service – up until midday yesterday, when it was taken off the local network.

Jackman told Newsday the 112 number was originally an European emergency line on which citizens were able to contact police, but for a short period it was also active locally. Through it, people were able to reach the Police Command Centre, where they could explain their emergency.

A social media post brought to Newsday’s attention said the number could be used locally. The post said a young woman was driving when she was pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle. Suspicious of the people who had stopped her, she dialled 112, was connected to an emergency centre and was later assisted by police in a marked vehicle, who arrested the men who were claiming to be police.

The incident happened abroad, but the post continued that the number was tried locally and it worked. Newsday also tried the number just before midday yesterday and was connected to an emergency line. When reporters tried again, they were connected to the line but put on hold.

Jackman said although the line is currently disconnected, discussions are under way on opening it permanently. Until a decision is made, people are advised to dial 999, 911, 555, 800-TIPS or call the nearest police station in an emergency.


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