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Friday 17 August 2018
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Arisa’s daughters receiving counselling

Arisa David

Although the new school term opened on Monday, Arisa David’s two daughters will not attend classes until next Monday as they are receiving counselling for their mother’s death.

Ranessa, eight and Jarisa, three, found their mother’s body after she was strangled at their home on January 2. David’s estranged common-law husband Joseph Bennet has been charged with murdering her.

The girls’ grandmother Debra David praised the police for their dedication.

“They have been making sure that everything is okay with my granddaughters,” she said. “Ranessa is really taking it on and they have been very good with her, treating her with care and understanding.”

Debra said the girls will remain living together at her home as they have lived there since their births. “There is no thought about separating them, they have always lived with me and they will continue to do so.”

She sent out yet another warning to young women about staying in relationships with abusive men.

“We did the best with Arisa but she didn’t listen. I always say you make your children but not their minds. But I will tell any woman who in a relationship where they are being abused, get out.“

Arisa’s cousin Brandon Joseph Khan was murdered last Friday. He was buried on Wednesday but David said she could not bear to face another funeral so soon.

“I couldn’t bring myself to go, it was like reliving everything again and I just didn’t have the strength to go,” she said.


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