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Saturday 17 August 2019
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Police say Biche shooting was accidental

Police investigating the death of Brandon Sampath, a Biche man who was found dead near his home on Monday, have deemed his death accidental.

According to police, investigations have revealed that he died after his home-made shotgun discharged while he was repairing it.

On Monday, at about 7.30 pm, Sampath’s father Ramnanan took police to a drain near a garden close to their home on La Salle Road where Sampath’s body was found.

Police later recovered a home-made shotgun in bushes near his body. They also found equipment and tools that were being used to repair the firearm.

After a statement was taken from a relative, police concluded Sampath was repairing the gun, not knowing there was a cartridge still in the chamber.

His girlfriend Nafisha Mohammed, in a Facebook post, also said Sampath was not murdered.

“His death is no longer a mystery. It was a tragic accident. No one knows when and how we will leave this world and our family is heavily burdened by this loss.”

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