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Friday 21 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Rowley’s speech of no value

THE EDITOR: In view of the valueless contents of the Prime Minister’s televised speech on Sunday night, I am now convinced that supporters of the PNM are being taken for a ride.

There was no mention of any particular measures being planned or taken to restore the death penalty, something that is urgently needed here in order to stem the flow of our exceptionally high murder rate.

There was also no mention of the solution to the matter of numerous allegations involving Chief Justice Ivor Archie, no mention of the swindling of the Treasury in the form of the fake oil scandal. It is good, it seems, to have friends in high government places. There was no mention by Dr Rowley of the growing poverty and a solution to our rising unemployment.

All we heard was another bout of worthless promises and an offering of hope which all citizens already possess.

There was a big song and dance about the prime minister going to make a televised speech to the citizens and one expected the PM to speak on issues relating to the ordinary citizen of this nation and offer us real solutions to our woes.

However, it turned out to be another propaganda stunt in order for the PNM to hold on to power whilst this country marches into the abyss.

I am suggesting that if the PNM wants to continue governing this nation and bring about real solutions to our problems, PM Rowley and his Cabinet will have to do better.

G.A Marques via e-mail

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