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Sunday 23 September 2018
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Iwer heats up Zèle fete

Iwer thrills the crowd.
Iwer thrills the crowd.

Zèle Cooler Fete at Mendez Drive, Diego Martin on Sunday evening proved to be a fun time for patrons.

Joel and Mirella Villafana and their crew.

Dressed for the occasion

The contents of coolers of varying sizes, the sweet soca sounds by DJs Adam 2MV, ChaCha and Caleb, rhythm section Boom Boom Room and some old time Carnival characters put patrons into the Carnival spirit.

DJ Adam raises the temperature.

The life of the party.

Zele promoter Nariba Robinson with her midnight robber

But it was the big man in the business, Neil “Iwer” George who took the merriment to another level as he unleashed several of his hits of the past. One of them in particular, Water, saw no one spared from a wetting.

The Cooler Guard Posse.

As he launched into his 2018 Road March contender, Savannah, party goers got in a frenzy and chanted “Road March! Road March!”

Preedy performs from above.

Soca artiste Preedy (Akeem Chance) was also a crowd pleaser and as he perched on a ledge more than 20 feet above the crowd for his performance that included his 2018 Wining School and Say Yeah.

The Rhythm section in the middle of the dance.

Member of the organising committee, Nariba Robinson spoke to Newsday about the concept behind the fete. “The idea was to incorporate the sound, rhythm and mas of Carnival. The sound came from the top DJs and soca artistes, rhythm from Boom Boom Boom and the mas with the traditional characters.”

A couple of Red Yorkers


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