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Sunday 23 September 2018
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Tobago Coast Guard without a working vessel

File photo
File photo

The lone vessel for the Coast Guard in Tobago is lodged in front of the Coast Guard headquarters, off Milford Road in Scarborough, minus its engines which reportedly have been taken for repairs.

The vessel was discovered underwater on November 20, 2017 around 8:45 am in the Scarborough harbour, still tied to the jetty. Reports are that an electric pump on board the vessel failed, due to poor maintenance. The pump is used to stop water from settling in the vessel.

“There is a pump. This pump has been dysfunctional for some time and eventually it failed due to electrical issues. The problem wasn’t in the eyes of the right people. I think the person who knew about the problem didn’t bring it to the fore for it to be fixed,” said a source.

With the vessel on display, awaiting its engines, sources told Newsday Tobago that this means a vessel from Trinidad comes across occasionally to patrol Tobago’s waters, on visits that are usually unannounced, and that Coast Guard sailors stationed in Tobago are desk-bound and in no position to render assistance to anyone on the island.

“If one of the fishermen (in Tobago) is lost and we are contacted to provide assistance, we will have to contact Trinidad and the sailors from Trinidad will render assistance,” said a source.

Contacted for information on the vessel last Friday, Sherron Manswell, Public Relations Officers on the TT Coast Guard, told Newsday Tobago he has no comments. He also refused comment on which vessel as currently servicing the island.


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