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Sunday 23 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Pundit Maharaj out of order

THE EDITOR: I was appalled by the pundit’s message in which he states that Justice Paula Mae Weeks is an acceptable nominee for the office of President but implies that TT never had a Hindu head of state according to Saturday’s Newsday.

The pundit is presumed to be the person who preaches love, compassion and equality in the eyes of God but here he makes reference to a particular class when there is absolutely no need to invoke ethnicity.

I am sure he understands that this country is a multi-national and pluralist one that is comprised of both Blacks and Indians and other minority ethnic groups from our inception as a nation.

When Kamla Persad-Bessesar became prime minister, no minister of the clergy came forward to voice their objections because she was the first Indian woman to achieve that honour.

Furthermore, the pundit has to also comprehend that the election of statehood is not base on colour, creed or race. In fact, it’s based on experience and qualification, and for that particular reason Weeks is deemed the most appropriate person to fill the vacancy at this time.

The pundit should recall his statements via the media because I don’t believe he is allowed to disbar a Black person who attends his rituals or “puja” with the intent to listen his sermon.

In addition, according to Martin Luther King, people should not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.

So pundit-ji, your statement is certainly out of order and, in my opinion, you are not too big to offer an apology to the people of TT, when in fact you know that church and state should remain separated.

Jay G Rakhar, New York City


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