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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Kidnap victim escapes, SRP among 4 detained

KIDNAPPED: This freeze frame taken from a video posted to social media shows Nicholas Juman, centre, being forced into the trunk of a car on Saturday night along Lady Young Road near the Trinidad Hilton. Juman later managed to escape.

A Special Reserve Police (SRP) officer with one year service, who is assigned to the Aripo detention centre was among four people detained on Saturday night following the abduction of a 21-year-old Diego Martin man. The SRP and his accomplices are expected to be charged today with kidnapping, false imprisonment and robbery with violence.

The drama unfolded at about 11 pm, when Nicholas Juman, 21, of Diego Martin was leaving the Hilton Trinidad car park after spending a few hours with friends at the hotel. Reports revealed that Juman was approached by four men who attempted to bundle him into a white car at the side of the Lady Young Road.

He managed to escape but was chased and recaptured by the men who lifted him bodily and threw him into the trunk before getting into the car and speeding off.

While the abduction was taking place, Juman’s friends observed the drama and used their cellular phones to video record the abduction. As Juman’s friends were making their way to the Belmont Police Station to report the kidnapping, Juman managed to open the trunk of the car and jumped out while it was proceeding around the Queens Park Savannah.

IN CUSTODY: Two men, said to be among four held for the abduction of a Diego Martin man, are seen at Belmont Police Station, in this photo posted on social media.

Fortunately for him, at that hour, there was no great amount of vehicles on the road when he jumped or he could have been run over as he landed on the road. Juman, who suffered several injuries, managed to hide behind some trees in the savannah before making his way to the Belmont Police Station where he lodged a report.

While at the station, Juman met his friends who were in the process of reporting his abduction to officers in the charge-room. The bleeding man was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital for treatment. Officers wasted no time in mounting a search for the suspects and shortly before midnight, officers under the Supervision of Snr Supt Ajith Persad and Insp Mark Maraj and Cpl Julien intercepted the vehicle with four men in the Belmont district.

The SRP and his three accomplices were taken to the Belmont Police Station where they were immediately identified by Juman’s friends who were still in the charge-room. Police said that an identification parade will be carried out today and charges are expected to be laid. The suspects are due to appear before a Port of Spain Magistrate once charged. Yesterday Juman was said to be resting comfortably at a private nursing home while investigations are continuing.

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