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Monday 20 May 2019
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Demming hails Weekes’ nomination

Justice Paula Mae Weekes. FILE PHOTO
Justice Paula Mae Weekes. FILE PHOTO

Senior dpublic relations expert Dennise Demming yesterday hailed the proposed nomination of retired Appeal Court judge Paula Mae Weekes, including the fact of her being a woman. Demming said, “She represents the spirit of a Trinidadian.

She is honest and full of integrity. I pray with this appointment she will continue to be. Her history speaks well of her. She’s just a fantastic Trinidadian.

“Also it is fantastic that a woman has been chosen, and she is not a very old person. I can’t think of anything that calls for a reflection on her.” Demming knew Weekes peripherally from running and attending the same yoga studio.

“She has run a few marathons. She runs with the Bad Mind Crew, a group who say they’ll finish the marathon only on the basis of showing bad mind.”

Demming recalled the 24th Annual Clico Marathon in 2006, when Weekes was beaten in finishing position by none other than Lynette “Granny” Luces, 30 years her senior.

Offering “some fun statistics about Paula Mae,” Demming said “She placed 308 out of a total of 314 finishers.”

“On Sunday, January 29th, 2006 the marathon started at Mid-Center Mall, Chaguanas at 5.30 am. She was beaten by Dennise Demming (then 50 years old) who was three years older than Paula (then 47 years old) and Granny Luces (then 77 years old) who was 30 years older.”

The finishing statistics show Weeks doing the marathon in six hours and 26 minutes, behind Luces at six hours and 17 minutes and Demming at five hours and 16 minutes.

Yesterday, Weekes’ Facebook profile featured a meme attesting to her relationship to jogging. It said, “I wanted to go jogging this morning, but Proverbs 28:1 says ‘The wicked run when no one is chasing them,’ so there goes that.”

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