No point in 1st class

THE EDITOR: Again, another embarrassing series for West Indies cricket. This time in New Zealand, where we were badly beaten in every format.

I now have to ask, in the modern game, what is the relevance of our existing domestic first class competition?

In West Indies glory days, it was seen as a means of selecting Test players, by having the best in the various territories play against each other. At present, about 30 of our best players were not playing in the domestic competition.

That works out, to be the top half of West Indies cricketers. Which effectively leaves our first-class completion to be played out between third and fourth string players which rendered the tournament to be pointless.

The solution to this:

1. Return to playing first class cricket in the dry season on suitable grounds, that can also develop our fast bowlers. Even if you can only find three, use those alone.

2. Adequately compensate the top-rank players, thereby ensuring their participation, in preference to the various T20 leagues being played simultaneously. This will also add spectators and revenue.

3. Settle the issues regarding the players. Clearly this has not been done, with the continuing withdrawal of players for personal reasons.

4. Deal with the root causes of player injuries. In West Indies glory days, players were seldom injured. Our existing players, a different story.

5. Give a clear and transparent policy on West Indies team selection, to the players in advance. This will avoid accusations of bias and insularity.

Thank you.

Declan Pattron, Maracas Valley.


"No point in 1st class"

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