Corrupt culture

THE EDITOR: Educated citizens here who believe that corruption is well established, successfully practised and instigated and committed by those IN the higher spectrum of our society are not cynical. There are decades of proof that these criminal acts are not just incidental but, in almost all cases, go on for years until they are brought to light and then, in many cases, swept under the carpet.

Certain citizens here have become extremely professional and good at this crime. They have invented schemes and methods in the techniques of administering this crime that in some instances have become almost impossible to unravel. We have, at present, a world-renowned individual who has been alleged to have dabbled in corruption at the highest level walking free and protected by our politicians, police, and a brigade of bent and financially greedy lawyers.

This, I now believe, is the only person still wanted by the FBI and Interpol with regards the corruption allegedly committed in this particular event of FIFA ‘s corruption.

Not only that, whenever any of our high-ranking officials are caught committing corruption here and stand trial in our local courts, they are always given a slap on the wrist as punishment. Their assets are never frozen or ceased. They never pay the expected retribution linked to this crime, and in every case, they are allowed to retain their ill-gotten gains.

There is now enough proof here to support citizens who really believe that corruption by those at the higher level of our society is now accepted and is, in fact, part and parcel of our culture.

Assuming that those citizens who hold this view are cynical is merely an attempt to try to instil doubts in the minds of our citizens that this is not the case and that they are misguided by the evidence which is staring us in the face.

You won’t find any wealthy citizen convicted of this crime in TT behind bars.

GA Marques via e-mail


"Corrupt culture"

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