2018, the journey continues

THE EDITOR: If one were to be guided by the sentiments expressed in most of the media reports, it is possible to believe that TT is a divided nation populated by people unaware of possible solutions to most of the major challenges that face our nation.

The reality might be much different. Our records indicate we are more embracing of hope and less intent on pursuing an agenda of division. In the 2010 general election, Tobago joined with most of Trinidad in voting for a political organisation that was seen by some as pro people of East Indian ancestry. This was followed by communities viewed as pro African ancestry like Tunapuna, Diego Martin, Arima, San Fernando and others voting for the same political organisation in the local government election that followed. This, one can suggest, was a clear indication that TT was determined to get out of the clutches of racial voting patterns.

One may suggest that rather than build on what was clearly a determination by the many fractions of our country to unite in the best interest of country, the political organisation that commanded the support of Tobago, the labour movement, the small political parties and communities throughout TT, squandered the opportunity. That organisation publicly embraced and awarded accolades to individuals whom many saw as divisive or even racial. That may have been a disappointment to many. This, followed by the failure to empower communities and take positive steps to ending the division in our nation, possibly led to many in TT returning to old voting patterns.

That ought not to be a comfort to anyone benefiting from divisive voting. The quest for unity and development continues. The resolve of our business community, the vision of our youths, the unity of our communities and the prayers of our people together will see us over the hill of divisiveness and crime. Together we continue on a journey to end the era of racial and sectarian voting. I predict that 2018 will be a great year. We the people of TT will not be victims any longer. No longer will we tolerate the agenda of those who thrive on our slow judicial system, our inability to embrace our business communities in partnership to our economic challenges or our failure to incorporate our young people in charting the way forward for TT. In 2018 each of us can choose to be part of the solution or contribution towards perpetuating the problems.

God Bless Our Nation. Happy New Year Trinidad & Tobago.

Steve Alvarez via e-mail


"2018, the journey continues"

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