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Sunday 23 September 2018
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117 deaths in 2017…Lowest road fatalities in 22 years

Ag ASP Kissoon Badloo, left, and Brent Batson at the police’s first press briefing for the year held yesterday at Police Administration Building in Port of Spain.

The road fatality figure of 117 which was recorded in 2017, was the lowest in the past 22 years, acting ASP Kissoon Badloo said yesterday at the first police weekly press briefing for this year. These fatalities resulted from 106 accidents.

Speaking at the Police Administration Building in Port of Spain, Badloo said the previous lowest was in 1995, when 114 people were killed in road accidents.

“The country has managed to reduce this figure by 50 per cent, which is to be commended. The TTPS wishes to thank all road users for the continued call to be more vigilant, responsible and cautious when using the nation’s roadways.

I hope this year everyone will be on board with us (TTPS) to make 2018 one of the safest years ever.

“In 2016, the number of fatal road accidents was 114; in 2017 it was 105. This represents an eight per cent decrease in road traffic accidents. The number of road fatalities from those fatal road traffic accidents in 2016 amounted to 135, and in 2017 the figure was 116. This represents a 14 per cent decrease. Officers...also conducted 7, 657 stop-and-search exercises in 201, whist in 2017 the figure rose to 17,226. This represents 125 per cent increase,” Badloo said.

He said in 2016, officers issued 22,627 tickets and in 2017, they issued 36,502, a 61 per cent increase.

Badloo said the number of traffic exercises undertaken by the Traffic Branch in 2016 was 483, while in 2017 the figure was 1,144. The number of tickets issued on regular exercises and patrols in 2016 was 11,333, and in 2017 there were 17,427, a 54 per cent increase.

“The number of speeding tickets issued in 2016 amounted to 11, 294 whilst in 2017 that figure rose to 19, 075.

This represents a 69 per cent increase. Officers also recovered seven firearms with 78 rounds of ammunition in 2016, whilst in 2017 eight firearms were recovered and 52 rounds of ammunition was also recovered. This represents a 14 per cent increase.

“Officers from the branch also arrested 122 people and held 24 people on outstanding warrants in 2016. In 2017, 130 people were arrested and charged, and 39 were held on outstanding warrants. This represents a seven per cent increase,” he said.

Badloo also said in wrecking activities in Port of Spain in 2016, 12,052 vehicles were impounded, and revenue collected amounted to $5.7 million, whilst in 2017, 10,563 vehicles were impounded and the revenue collected was $4.9 million.

“Nationally, with the DUI testing, 35,594 people were tested in 2016, and from those tests 2, 605 people were arrested. In 2017, 56,357 people were tested, and arrests amounted to 4,380. The testing increased by 58 per cent, and the people arrested, the percentage was 68,” he said.

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