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Friday 21 September 2018
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Leaking sewer leaves Beetham residents gagging

This leaking sewer line has been causing discomfort to Beetham residents for the past five days.

Risha Callender of Beetham Gardens and some of her neighbours have been living a smelly, dirty nightmare for the past five days.

She said on Friday she started to get an unpleasant scent at her 17C Street home and soon the back of the house started flooding with sewage water. She said there was a pool of water at the back of her house and it was running along the side and seeping into her front bedroom.

One day later, she said, it was affecting almost every house on her street and several houses on other streets. She said faeces was coming up through the bathroom drains and the toilets. She added that, when the toilets were flushed, they just filled up with even more sewage. “This is the second time I am experiencing it but it has been happening in the Beetham for years. We can’t cook in this nastiness. My grandmother has been crying. Every time we mop up the water, it fills back up and our skin is starting to itch from standing in the water to mop.” Callender said she and her neighbours had been calling the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) to report the issue every day since Friday but no one had contacted them or visited to look at the problem.

Newsday contacted WASA Senior Manger of Corporate Communications, Daniel Plenty, who said he was not aware of the situation in Beetham. He said he would have someone look into the situation but up to press time on Sunday, Callender said she had not heard from anyone from WASA.

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