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Saturday 21 July 2018
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‘Dada’ takes Alexander B Chapman Award

‘Dada’ takes Alexander B Chapman Award

Anthony ‘Dada’ Wickham, left, coach of Trendsetter Hawks, collects the prestigious Alexander B Chapman Award from President Anthony Carmona, right, and Chapman, centre, at the TTOC Awards on Friday at the Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain.

Anthony “Dada” Wickham, coach of Trendsetter Hawks and 2017 recipient of the Alexander B Chapman, said he appreciates the recognition for his service as a football coach, as inspiring youngsters in East Port of Spain can sometimes prove challenging.

Wickham, who has coached for 37 years, received the award at the 23rd Annual TT Olympic Committee Awards Ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, on Friday night.

The community of East Port of Spain often makes the news for the wrong reasons, so he is glad he can help create a positive image for the area.

“I feel elated because for years I have been in the vineyard and working hard with the youths of East Port of Spain,” Wickham said.

“That area is a difficult area to work, with youths in particular, because of the situation in East Port of Spain. It is nice to know that people could recognise you when you still alive, because most of the time recognition does not come until you are sick or you pass on, then people recognise the work that you are doing so it is an honour.”

Wickham said the Hawks have qualified to compete at the Mediterranean International Cup in Spain. The Academy is hoping to raise funds and get sponsorship to attend the tournament which kicks off in March.

Several top national players have passed through the club and he is hoping to keep supporting young people in the area and help them achieve their dreams.

“To know that this organisation is helping youths to move on to keep positive in life (is great), because players who pass through this organisation ended up on national youth teams and senior teams. We have Densill Theobald who went to the (2006) World Cup who started playing competitive football in Trendsetters.”

Wickham said other past and present national players such as Mekeil Williams, Jomal Williams and 2006 World Cup defender Brent Sancho all played for Trendsetters.


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