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Chutney singer Nermal
Chutney singer Nermal "Massive" Gosein.

The International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN) has added its voice to the condemnation of Nermal “Massive” Gosein’s “Rowlee Mudda Count” song, saying yesterday in a media release, that it disrespects all women.

The organisation appealed to calypsonians to maintain a certain standard in the composition of songs for public consumption for the upcoming Carnival season because the youths of the nation emulate adults. The song has already been condemned by Chutney Soca Monarch promoter George Singh as well as president of the Chutney Foundation Dr Vijay Ramlal, who described it as insulting to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

In a media statement issued by IWRN president Sandrine Rattan, the organisation described the song as unsavoury on many fronts, firstly on the basis that the office of the prime minister is being disrespected. It noted that youths outnumber adults in TT and there is a responsibility to ensure, “our language and actions contain respectful tones at all times as children and youths emulate adults through every step of their life’s progression.” In fact, the statement said, people often cast aspersions on the young population as being disrespectful and “lost.” But it is the adult population who create that disrespect. Though the message in Gosein’s song is directed to Rowley, the IWRN statement said, it affects all women by the connotation made in the particular lyric, “Rowlee Mudda Count.”

“With the Carnival season soon upon us, the organisation is today pleading with calypsonians to be mindful that children and youths expect much better from not only their community, but adults in general. They already feel dejected as a result of other societal ills and therefore do not need any other type of negativity, inter alia unsavoury calypsoes.”


"Women’s network objects"

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