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Saturday 21 July 2018
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’Tis kite season and Onique Chadini Che Guy is happy.

Onique Guy “papers” a small kite.

Guy, from Lowlands, 20, known to his friends as ‘Pretty Boy,’ is counting down the days to the kite flying competition on December 30 at Plymouth. It will be his first ever kite-flying competition even though he has always been flying kites. He also expects the season to bring good sales for his hand-crafted kites, having ventured into this business just one year ago though he has been making kites since he was a child.

“I normally fly kites every year but in 2016, I decided to make new patterns and take it serious and make some money to help me out in with my college fees as I am currently a student chef at the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute in Mt St George.

Onique Guy “papers” a small kite.

“I must say the sales to date are pretty impressive, I have a lot of orders inside so presently I am trying to meet my demand and meet my deadlines,” he said in an interview.

“I started making kites since I was about four or five years of age. I remember as a child, I always had a strong passion for kites. My sister Monique would quickly make a kite out of coconut branches (fex) and I would fly it all day without taking a break to even eat. I would harass her to make me kites until eventually she taught me how to make one myself,” he said.

“My first kite I tried making was bamboo and shingles kites. It was not an easy task, a lot of trial and error until I reached near perfect,” he recalled.



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