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Monday 24 June 2019
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All I want for Christmas…

Christmas wishes vary, whether it is having that special someone next to you or getting that gift you’ve always wanted. But there are some wishes which extend beyond the person, with people wanting altruistic gifts such as world peace. Newsday asked several well-known members of the TT community what they want for Christmas. Here are their wishes.

Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez, soca artiste: “I wish for the economy to get better. For things to change. For people to realise that a lot of the things happening in the country is affecting a lot of businesses. If the economy is better, I think a lot of the things we are wishing for, from a financial perspective, will be better.”

Rikki Jai

Rikki Jai, entertainer: “I wish for a crime-free Christmas and a better economy.”

Anson Soverall

Anson Soverall, music producer: “I wish I could become influential enough to change the climate of race, politics and confusion in the country. I want to be influential enough to help the future generation to have something to still call home and not be fighting and bickering over the scraps that’s left.”

Carl "Beaver" Henderson

Carl “Beaver” Henderson, show promoter and music producer: “I wish for plenty good music for the Christmas.”

Claudia Pegus

Claudia Pegus, designer: “I wish that we would have productivity in this country, and that workers would understand that in order for us to come out of the economic downturn we are in, everyone has to do their part.”

Senator Paula Gopee-Scoon

Paula Gopee-Scoon, government senator: “I wish for a unified Trinidad and Tobago. I wish for enduring hope and faith in the Government. I hope for the public’s trust and confidence in us. I hope that Trinidad and Tobago would be in a much better place than it is to date and we can only achieve that with the participation of all citizens.”

Barry Padarath, Princes Town MP: “I wish for there to be a much safer 2018 and I think we have reached a point where we are totally saturated when we hear of murders and serious crime. It has now become a norm in our society. I hope there is a significant improvement in bringing down the murder rate and serious crime going forward. No bloodshed in 2018 going forward. It has put a lot of our citizens in self-imposed jails. I also wish for a new government in 2018 because every sector of our society has collapsed.”

Arima Mayor Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris-Julian, mayor of Arima: “Merry Christmas to Trinidad and Tobago. May our country be filled with warmth and good cheer this holy season and throughout the year. I extend an extra special Christmas wish to all the families in Trinidad and Tobago. May this season bring abundant joy and happiness into your hearts and the true meaning of Christmas stay in our souls toward the New Year.”

Stephanie Leitch

Stephanie Leitch, social justice activist and academic feminist: “It is my sincere wish this Christmas that every woman and girl remains safe from harm. Nearing the end of each year we see an increase in violence against women, when there is greater spending and alcohol consumption, which heightens tensions within the home. May we all keep a cool head this season and remember what matters most; family.”

Barbara Gray Burke

Archbishop Barbara Burke, IRO president: “This Christmas is not bright as is the custom. People should centre their hearts and mind on the birth of Christ. I hope that the economy brightens for 2018.”

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