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Saturday 22 September 2018
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STOP IT, MR PM: Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal during a press conference yesterday at his constituency office in Debe.

Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal has denied implicating Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley or his family in any wrongdoing during his contribution in last Friday’s parliamentary sitting.

Addressing a media conference at his Debe constituency office yesterday, Moonilal observed, “The Prime Minister was not in Parliament, for reasons known only to him, last Friday. He did not hear and he did not see.” He added, “The Prime Minister clearly was not briefed as to what transpired.

“When I heard the Prime Minister talking about his family and his wife...where did he get this from? At no time during my parliamentary contribution did I make reference to any member of his family. So he must stop answering allegations that have not been made. Nobody has accused his family of anything and certainly not me, and strange enough, I have not accused him of anything.” Moonilal recalled that during his contribution he heard Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi telling him from across the floor to produce any evidence he might have concerning wrongdoing.

“The Attorney General rose and for the record said he did not invite me to do that and I must take ownership of what I was reading. I indicated to the Parliament that I am not a policeman, I am not an investigator, I am not a detective. I raise matters of public interest that come to me, but it is for law enforcement to investigate and I was really asking the Attorney General to follow the money, which is his crusade,” Moonilal said.

“But the Attorney General and government members were suggesting that if I took ownership, I am saying that believing it or giving evidence, that it is the truth and if the AG did not invite me, I will withdraw the matter, which I did. Dr Rowley cannot come now with any fancy footwork in the Parliament concerning privilege. It is not on the record, it does not stand on the record in Parliament. They ought to be expunged from the Hansard parliamentary record.”

Moonilal expressed disgust over Rowley’s statements about the type of boots Rowley was wearing during a tour of restoration work at the Red House on Monday in which he referred to them as “s--- kickers” while expressing a desire to meet Moonilal during that tour.

“I take umbrage to his vulgar comments yesterday. We have a dispute so with his threat to me, to kick me up – that is what he is saying essentially – I view it as a threat,” Moonilal said.

“Now I do not fear Rowley, but you cannot speak like that and have children listen to you. What are you telling children is that violence is an answer to a dispute,” the Opposition MP, likening such comments to that of bullying. He said he would apologise to Rowley should the allegations prove to be untrue. However, he warned that there were many more revelations about the fake oil scandal allegedly involving AV Drilling, saying evidence is being pieced together which seemed to suggest a wider criminal conspiracy in several other countries.

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