Rowley challenges Moonilal: Come outside!

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has put Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal on notice.

“I will approach the Speaker (Bridgid Annisette-George) to respond to him (Moonilal) in the Parliament at the next sitting of Parliament, if only for the records of Parliament,” Rowley told reporters during a Childrens’ Christmas Party at the South Diego Martin Recreation Ground.

Rowley was responding to Moonilal’s allegation in the House of Representatives on Friday that a very senior government minister was involved in the “fake oil” scandal.

The Oropouche East MP quickly withdrew the allegation.

The Prime Minister urged Moonilal to confront him on the issue outside of the Parliament.

“I will tell that corkscrew, that creep, to come outside the Parliament and make any similar allegation against me.

“Don’t stay inside the Parliament and make it. Come out in the streets and make any similar allegation against me. That is what I want. But I will respond to him in the Parliament.”

Rowley said he was not in the Parliament when Moonilal made the allegation.


"Rowley challenges Moonilal: Come outside!"

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