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Friday 21 September 2018
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Simmy the Trini bounces back

Simmy the Trini in character pose

Comedian Simmy the Trini (Rhea-Simone Auguste) suffered a great loss last month when her mother passed away.

She said: “The loss threw me down. She was part of my #NoFilterFamily series of posts, my best friend and her number one supporter. She was mom and dad to me. I had a performance at Drop the Mic after and I made it, but I knew in my heart that I wasn’t my best. I am still processing my emotions but I know my mom would have wanted me to keep working.”

The 33-year-old mother of two boys, six and eight years, was already dealing with life’s challenges before her mom’s death. She found out about her son’s attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD), and as well, was dealing with the repairing of her own personal relationship and the loss of her day job.

Simmy said through that painful process and all those setbacks in her life she gained strength.

“How do you bounce back from a year with so many losses? With a smile and a laugh because I still have life in me and once there is life, there are possibilities.”

She added: “Honestly I think comedy has afforded me an outlet that I was missing for a very long time, though I wouldn’t say it is my true calling. But I’ve worked through a lot of the painful things that have happened in my life with comedy. It is hard to feel down when you are in a room full of people and they are all laughing with you. So comedy makes me feel happy.”

Simmy the Trini on stage at one of her shows

Simmy started a career in writing, doing so for a couple newspapers but in the last few years worked in the public service. And as a mother her parenting responsibility was stretched a bit more with a special needs child and she herself having ADHD.

She said: “It is a balancing act but I just juggle a lot. I make lists of what I have to do and get it done.”

Simmy says her ultimate goal is to forge a firmer path for herself in comedy, not just in TT, but in the region and internationally. “I have been fortunate so far, to get to showcase my material and the warm reception I have been getting has been surprising, I really didn’t expect it, but I am grateful for it. So I want to turn my comedy to a platform for myself.”

Simmy says she loves joking on her life experiences. “I think they are relatable and I’m okay poking fun at myself.”

When not on stage, Simmy does freelance writing for little projects but comedy she said, has been really good to her so far.


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