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Sunday 23 September 2018
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Santa Flora workers go back to work


Workers at Petrotrin’s Santa Flora branch resumed work yesterday morning, but have vowed to down tools anytime Vidya Deokiesingh returns.

Deokiesingh, one of the people being questioned in the fake oil scandal, was reassigned to the Santa Flora Exploration and Production department on December 6. Enraged workers downed tools on Thursday and Friday last week over his presence. He was seen in a video being escorted off the compound on Friday by security officers. Petrotrin later released a statement saying the officers were only present “out of an abundance of caution” because of the protests.

At a press conference outside the company’s Santa Flora compound yesterday, OWTU branch president Theophilus Henry urged his colleagues to be on the lookout for Deokiesingh.

He told them if they do see Deokiesingh, they should advise him to stay away.

“When we go back in, we have to be the eyes on the ground. And if we see anything looking like Deokiesingh, find out if it is Deokiesingh and if it is him, have a conversation with him – let him know, ‘Brother man, do what is right. Save yourself, save this operation. Sit down home and let them pay you.”


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