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Friday 21 September 2018
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Stolen $220,000 found in washing machine

RECOVERED: Wads of cash totalling $220,000 displayed at the Couva police station after it was found in a washing machine. The money was stolen on the weekend from Super Industrial Services (SIS) in Couva.


A 51-year-old man and his wife were yesterday arrested after $220,000 in cash, stolen on the weekend from the man’s workplace, was found hidden inside a washing machine in their Chaguanas home.

Up to late yesterday the couple was being interviewed by police and are expected to be charged with break-in and larceny. The arrest was made on yesterday evening at their Palmiste home.

According to a police report, on Friday last, an assistant manager at Super Industrial Services (SIS) secured the office at Rivulet Road in Couva and went away. She returned to the compound on Monday morning to discover the office broken into. Checks revealed that a safe was forced open and $220,000 was missing. A report was made to the Couva CID and a team of police officers led by Sgts Ken Ali and Dave Baboolal, Police Constables Dexter Duncan and Kevin Hercules and others of the Couva CID, began investigating. Investigators believe the office was broken into on Sunday.

Following investigations, the team went to the home of the couple at Palmiste where police officers executed a search warrant and found the money in a washing machine. Police said that the man was employed as a crane inspector at SIS.

In a separate incident during an anti crime exercise, the same team of police officers found a firearm and ten rounds of ammunition inside a dog kennel at a house at Junan Street, California on Tuesday evening.


Police arrested a 51-year-old crane operator and his wife who allegedly stole over $200,000 from Super Industrial Services (SIS) in Couva which they hid inside a washing machine at their Palmiste, Chaguanas home.

Up to this afternoon, the couple were being interviewed by police officers and expected to be charged with break-in and larceny.

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