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Sunday 23 September 2018
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CAL change fee goes into effect

The implementation of a $50 fee for Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) passengers to change dates or times on domestic flights between Trinidad and Tobago went smoothly and without problem.

On November 27, CAL announced the change fee would be applied to tickets bought on and from December 12, and tickets purchased before then would not be affected. Open tickets would also no longer be available.

The reason for the introduction of the fee was to increase efficiency. A release said customers continually missed their scheduled flights, while others purchased standby tickets.

CAL’s Corporate Communications Unit yesterday told Newsday that operations ran normally: “Additional staff were on hand to ensure a seamless experience for our valued customers given that it is the first day of the change fee implementation.”

CAL said up to Tuesday afternoon, no one had to pay the change fee. It also did not foresee any problems as the airline ensured the public was aware of the planned changes and had been understanding and supportive.

“The operations are normal and customers are satisfied and Caribbean Airlines will evaluate the implementation of the fee after some time has elapsed. However, the airline is happy to advise a positive first day.”


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