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Monday 24 September 2018
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Airport sniffer dogs a success

Despitea being a relatively recent addition to security staff at Piarco Airport, the canine detection unit has been effective in preventing the movement of narcotics through the airport, according to sources.

Newsday spoke to officials at the airport, who said while the dogs did not uncover any large amounts of narcotics, they have been able to sniff out trace amounts of cocaine and marijuana on travellers. This means the dogs were able to detect small amounts of drugs,which may have been contained in baggage.

The source added that on one occasion, one of the dogs was able to detect small amounts of marijuana on a traveller, who on questioning admitted he had smoked it before coming to the airport.

“They’ve been very useful so far. We haven’t seen any large quantities of substances being smuggled thus far, but the dogs have been able to sniff out even the smallest amounts of drugs which may have been contained in the luggage of customers.”

The official said at any given time, three dogs are on duty and their effectiveness should force traffickers to think twice before attempting to smuggle narcotics through the airport.


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