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Friday 21 September 2018
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Keeping your emotions in check

Sandrine Rattan writes a weekly column for the Newsday called With Women In Mind.

Never strike out of anger if at all possible; this will give your enemy the advantage and strengthen his resolve and psyche – Soke Behzad Ahmadi

Day after day I continue to witness incidents where individuals from across the broadest social strata (including business leaders and politicians), allow their emotions to take full control. I quite agree that sometimes life events can influence flying off the handle, but the old adage “think before you speak and act” still remains extremely relevant.

Too often, I have seen instances where women as well as men, have incurred heavy losses in their relationships because they allowed their emotions to control their actions. Emotions can be deemed to be overwhelming, particularly at this time, when so much is expected. However, as responsible individuals, we must exercise due caution and thought before making utterances. Because our existence also requires people engagement, we need to be at all times cognisant of other people’s feelings despite our personal stance on a subject matter. Remember life continues after the negative moments have departed from your psyche.

Sometimes, one’s feelings can border between perilous extremes which ultimately lead to rage and anger. Negative emotions including hate and bitterness can be out of control particularly in moments after they’ve been triggered which is usually followed by some regrettable and sometimes fatal act. Retractions and apologies after the fact don’t always land well depending on the situation as some other things such as trust and integrity may be lost. There are some individuals who always seem to harbour anger and hostility, a situation developed over time by their avoidance in managing their emotions. Start taking control of your emotions by taking a deep breath in and out. Never react immediately to a seemingly upsetting situation thereby avoiding the occurrence of further losses.

Seeking time in prayer with the Lord, “me-time” and meditation can help ease the tension. When you feel over-burdened with negative emotions, close your eyes, stay calm and meditate on a positive solution. Seek a wholesome and peaceful space where you can release your tensed feelings even if means some “me-time”, meditation or even engaging in some yoga practice.

Whenever you’re struck by negativity, always remember life is a bigger picture beyond that isolated incident. View that incident as a normal occurrence spurred by a particular set of circumstances which perhaps were unavoidable. Address the issue dispassionately and move on.

It’s wise to continuously engage in the healthy practice of reconfiguring your thoughts and mind positively so as to minimise any negative thoughts and/or emotions that can cost you your life.

Sandrine Rattan is a communications and branding consultant, author, empowerment builder and president of the International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN) Contact: thecorporatesuitett@gmail.com or intlwomensresourcenetwork@gmail.com

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