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Friday 21 September 2018
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Disoriented driver crashes taxi on Broadway

A seven-seater taxi crashed into a pole this morning on Broadway in Port of Spain after the driver allegedly suffered a seizure.

A man crashed his seven-seater taxi this morning on Broadway in Port of Spain after allegedly suffering a seizure. The vehicle was heading south on Broadway when on passing KFC, the driver suddenly veered left and hit a car on the next lane, then careened into drinks carts before ramming head-on into a lamp post as pedestrians and vendors ran for safety.

Pedestrians rush to the assistance of this driver after he crashed his seven-seater taxi on Broadway this morning in Port of Spain. The driver hit a vehicle before smashing into a lamp post in front a fruit stall. No one else was injured. It is alleged the driver suffered a seizure.

Onlookers rushed to the taxi, where the driver appeared disoriented and suffering from a seizure.

Fortunately, he was not carrying any passengers. Two women stayed by his side while paramedics arrived as a large crowd gathered to see if anyone was injured.

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