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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Church burgled…. again

The Rev Sharran Ballosingh of the Southern Revival Centre at Chinese Village, La Brea shows where thieves removed part of the flooring to enter the building over the weekend.

Members of the Southern Revival Centre at Chinese Village, La Brea have been left upset over yet another burglary at their church.

Over the weekend, a thief or thieves broke in and stole an estimated $20,000 worth of equipment. It was the second burglary at the church for the year.

Despite the discovery on Sunday at about 8.30 am, prayer and worship went on “as normal,” but outdoors.

The Rev Sharran Ballosingh told Newsday yesterday: “We had normal service, an outdoor service. Right after we had a Sunday-school treat.

“We did not want the Devil to have victory even though this happened. We needed to still give God praise and thanks because the truth is, apart from the theft, no lives were lost,”

Church starts at 9 am on Sundays at the Full Gospel Ministry on the Southern Main Road.

According to reports, a church member made the discovery at about 8.30 am on Sunday when she arrived to open the building for the service.

The top floor of the building houses two offices, an area for the Sunday school and a kitchen. The bottom floor is the church.

Police believe the thief or thieves gained entry by removing a wooden plank on the top floor and got into the church by cutting a hole into the floor directly above the pulpit.They vandalised the building and stole the church’s laptop, a video camera, cordless mikes, and petty cash.

Ballosingh said yesterday she prays and trusts that whoever committed the act would think about what they have done, because the church is a sacred place.

“This is a place of worship. This is a place where lives are changed and transformed, where people come to know the Lord,” Ballosingh said.

She revisited the building yesterday with her husband the Rev Mark Ballosingh, a founder of the ministry, to assess the loss. She said, for someone to commit such as act, he or she must have been very desperate and has no fear of God.

“They need help. They have problems for them to come in the house of the Lord and do this. They have no conscience anymore. I pray and trust that this person would see the bigger picture and really know that it is time to change his or her life because he or she cannot continue that way,” Ballosingh said. She said there was still time to repent and ask God for forgiveness.

Sunday marked the fourth time the church had been broken into since its inception in 2002.

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