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Sunday 23 September 2018
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Bandits strike at ice cream shop

Two bandits tried to rob the Ellerslie Plaza branch of Häagen-Dazs yesterday. However the bandits were thwarted by the ice cream shop’s workers who raised an alarm upon seeing them.

Business owners at the mall and the management of the ice cream franchise are lauding the workers as heroes.

The incident happened at about 1 pm yesterday while two workers were on duty. It is normal procedure for security officers to make checks on each store, by calling at the back door of the establishment.

Newsday was told, the bandits may have known of this practice and used it to their advantage, as one of the workers heard a knock at the back door and thought it was security personnel.

The door was opened and two bandits, one of whom was armed, were there. The employee raised an alarm causing other staff members and patrons to get out of the store. It appears the bandits were frightened off and tried to slip away unnoticed. However they were spotted by other businessmen as they made their way out of the mall and across the street to the Morne Coco Road branch of Royal Castle. The men were then seen running through the drive-through area of the fast food outlet.

Director of operations Kevin Whiteman told reporters CCTV footage is being reviewed so the identities of the two bandits could be ascertained. He and mall tenant Peter Elias commended the two workers for their bravery.

Elias, who was in the mall at the time, said the actions of the workers is proof there are still good people in this country.

“When it just happened I spoke to them. They were shaking with fear, but when I asked if they wanted to go home, they said they wanted to stay. To me, that makes them heroes.”


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