Some lights but no merry Christmas at Botanic Gardens

A Christmas tree will be lit in the Botanic Gardens in Scarborough this year, but there will be no accompanying ceremony, Secretary for Food Production and Fisheries Hayden Spencer said on Saturday.

The tree lighting ceremony, which in previous years included Christmas lights decorating the Gardens, and which was featured entertainment and the official turning of the switch to turn on the lights, is easily the most anticipated public Christmas event in Tobago.

Spencer said the public will be informed in due course when the lit Gardens will be open to the public.

As to the cost of this scaled-down affair, given that financial constraints have led to this state, Spender said the cost to have the Gardens decorated will come after the work is done.

“We already have the lights and we are using in-house resources. Any additional cost would be damaged bulbs from last year. Somewhere by Friday I will be able to say what it costs to do the tree lighting,” he said.

… we looked at it as a THA project, looking at all the electricians we have at our disposal in the Assembly, from Works and other Divisions to have a down scale tree lighting,” he added.


"Some lights but no merry Christmas at Botanic Gardens"

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